Vetting is serious business

The #1 concern that customers have before working with pros is making sure that the pro has been 'Vetted'. We have a straight-forward process to become a 'Vetted' pro.

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Our Vetting Process

To become a 'Vetted' pro we require the following documentation:

✓ Contractor and/or Professional License Number

✓ Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance

✓ Identity Verification of Business Owner

✓ State Business Filings

We require a non-refundable payment of $50 with your application to become 'Vetted'. The application process time is 2-4 weeks.

Benefits for becoming 'Vetted' include:

✓ Your business listing will have a 'Vetted' stamp of approval


✓ Your business ranking will be higher than non-vetted pros

✓ Customers will be more confident doing business with you

✓ Your business will stand out from the competition

Our Industry Leader Process

We're identifying who are the industry leaders in the home improvement and construction industry. We want to identify, reward and distinguish pros who are the best of the best.

To become an 'Industry Leader' you must first become 'Vetted'. After you've achieved 'Vetted' status, we'll require the following:

✓ Reference Checks

✓ Experience

✓ In-person Interview

✓ Craftsmanship Warranty Policy

Our 'Industry Leader' program is still being developed. Additional info to be released.

  • Does Builders Market screen professionals?

    Since Builders Market is a new company, we are just beginning to screen professionals. We will continuously work on updating the directory as we gain new information. It’s your responsibility to verify the professional. Builders Market simply introduces you to potential professionals to work on your project.

  • How does Builders Market make money?

    In the future we will charge professionals to reply to project postings. Since we are a new service and in the beginning stages of providing maximum value to all our customers, our platform is free for all professionals to reply to project postings.