Project Posting Guide

The more info you provide, the more likely you’ll receive helpful info from pros.

At a minimum, please provide the following in your project posting:

• Pick a project category
• Include the zip code for where the project will be completed
• Provide a brief summary of the scope of the project
• If applicable, include measurements of the project or project area
• Upload photos or video of the project area

If possible, please include:

• Blueprints or plans of the project area
• Photos of similar projects that have inspired you
• Specific brands or materials that you would like to be used for the project
• Any additional info that's important and specific to your project

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Project Posting Guide
  • Why do I need to include the zip code?

    Which pros we contact is based on the zip code posted in the project. We don't want to contact pros that will be unable to work on your project due to distance. However, all pros have access to project postings.

  • Why are you requesting photos of the project area?

    Pros can better evaluate the scope of the project if they can see where the work for project will happen. Photos will increase the accuracy of QuickQuoting from pros.