Press Release: The Builder Market

Press Release: The Builder Market



Contact: Brett Taylor
Phone: 310-467-9455


Introducing The Builder Market

Win $15,000 To Design Your Outdoor Space



LOS ANGELES, January 29, 2020 — Founded by business students at USC, The Builder Market is a platform that makes connecting with home improvement and construction pros easy and transparent.  The idea for the business came from the fact that there is no public project board for the home improvement and construction industry.  Instead, platforms like HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List, keep their projects private and only a few pros willing to pay top dollar have access.  Making project postings public like Indeed or LinkedIn’s job boards is a novel approach, as there is nothing quite like this for home improvement or construction industry.

The Builder Market is also launching the latest technology for virtual visits using a Smartphone.  This technology combines video, computer vision, and augmented reality (AR) capabilities so that pros can conduct virtual visits with their customers.  During virtual visits, pros can video chat with customers, as well as access a variety of tools to complete a successful virtual visit. 

The Builder Market is focused on the Southern California market and they have already amassed a network of 60,000+ pros located throughout the region.  The founders believe that there is a lot of opportunity for their services and suggest that less than 10% of pros even use the services of HomeAdvisor.  The strategy is to create a valuable ecosystem for both paying and non-paying customers.

The Builder Market has partnered with Superior Awning, Southern California’s largest manufacturer of awnings and canopies, and they are giving away $15,000 to design your outdoor space!  The $15,000 can be applied to any of Superior Awning’s 30+ products, as well as outdoor furniture and furnishing from a retailer of your choice.  Entering the contest is free, and there are many options to get additional entries into the contest.  For more info visit


Press Release: The Builder Market

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