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We are a small, family owned and operated business that believes success is achieved through hard work, quality service, and developing a long-term customer.

Without the proper equipment, the best of cleaners will only deliver mediocre results. We use a newer, high-powered and well-maintained 2018 truckmount machine. We also have portable equipment for properties that are inaccessible to a truckmount. Why is a truckmount important? Truckmounted cleaning is a water-based vacuum-extraction cleaning system that is more powerful and more effective than solvent-based or other methods. With a Kohler engine offering 20 HP and operates at 3,000rpm along with high vacuum pressure, our truckmount was built to be a work horse. With that power and vaccuum pressure that can be adjusted accordingly, our TM is fully capable of extracting the water it injects into your carpet or other surfaces. That gives deeper extraction and faster dry times. Fast dry-times are not only convenient but also avoid mildew or mold from developing in the pad. Industry standard dry-times for carpet are 24 hours. Our dry times are 3-6 hours due to our truckmount, upgraded tools, and commercial dryer fans.

For carpet cleaning, we have a commercial wand for all jobs requiring a wand. However, for most jobs we use a dual port extractor. The dual port extractor simultaneously extracts as it is injecting the water, creating a vacuum pressure within the chamber, which performs a deeper extracting allowing for faster dry-times. The dual port has multiple jets angled in different directions which agitates the carpet at the same time. This machine speeds up the cleaning process by completing these multiple steps at once. In turn, you are left with cleaner carpet, dryer carpet, and a faster process.

For upholstery cleaning, we primarily use a dual sheer dry, which simultaneously extracts as it is injecting the water for all standard cleaning. When cleaning, it is very important that upholstery is never over-wetted as that can lead to mildew or mold developing within your furniture. Upholstery typically takes a bit longer to dry than standard carpet so if the technician over-wets the upholstery or the equipment isn’t extracting properly, it can lead to longterm, irreversible damage. We offer solvent-based cleaning for upholstery requiring such, steam cleaning for leather, and bonnet cleaning when needed. We have various grooming brushes to properly groom specialty fabrics and use natural fiber rinses on natural fabrics and down-filled upholstery. The cleaning equipment and process used is ultimately dependent upon the upholstery type and which cleaning method will offer the best results.

For tile cleaning and natural stone cleaning & polishing we have a commercial hybrid spinner, an orbital and a beast of a machine; the Mytee orbital as well as the appropriate tools and pads designed for the surface type as well as the procedure. Whether you have a standard, man-made tile & grout, if you have saltillo tile that needs cleaning and lacquering, or you have natural stone that needs cleaning and polishing or honing as well as sealing, rest assured that we have the right equipment for the job.



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