Help to put up fence

Date : January 20, 2022
Location : Orange County

Seeking someone to build fence


I need to get a fence put together/”installed”. I ordered most of the pieces that are needed, but I’m not sure if any other pieces will be needed.


The items below have been delivered to me.

https://www.lowes.com/pd/Freedom-Actual-6-ft-x-7-82-ft-Ready-to-Assemble-Emblem-White-Vinyl-Flat-Top-Vinyl-Fence-Panel/4008201 (quantity 4)

https://www.lowes.com/pd/Simpson-Strong-Tie-4-in-x-4-in-Triple-Zinc-Wood-to-Concrete-Retrofit-Base/1002708784 (quantity: 6)

https://www.lowes.com/pd/Freedom-Common-5-in-x-5-in-x-8-ft-Actual-5-in-x-5-in-x-8-ft-Ready-to-Assemble-White-Vinyl-Fence-Line-Post/1000074149 (quantity: 6)

https://www.lowes.com/pd/Freedom-Clear-Epoxy-Adhesive/3160615 (quantity 1)

1) Need you to check to see if any other items are needed to successfully put the fence together/up. If there are other items, I would call them in to Lowes for you to pick up/bring to me.

2) Need to put the fence up. There are 2 sides the fence needs to go up on. Each “side” is cement about 4 ft tall. So need to attach to the “sides”.

Also note that the fence poles need to be cut so they’re just about 6 ft. tall.

Someone advised me this is the best thing to do…

“Make a wall topper with 1/2 rrbar

You will have to fabricate the holes for rails and make new routes. You have the material for it but you would have to cut the post nearly in half.

And you also have to make the posts rounded so that the cement does not spill all over the place once on top of the wall. Not flat cuts. Like fitted.”

Would like this done on Saturday.

Ideally looking to pay $200 flat. Let me know if you can successfully do for that amount. If not, let me know what amount you’d do it for but priority is going to someone who can do within budget and who is friendly/professional and takes pride in doing a quality job.