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Handyman to install vinyl floor (Altadena)

  • Handyman to install vinyl floor (Altadena)
Date : July 18, 2021
Location : Altadena

I need a handyman to install a vinyl floor in an apartment. But we can’t glue it to the floor .. it’s currently a nice hardwood floor. The purpose of the vinyl is to protect the hardwood from pet rabbits. So I need to find out if you can just lay it on the floor and attach in a non-permanent way to the baseboards around the room. I also need some baseboard vinyl covers installed to protect the baseboards. The room is about 20 by 15 feet and 6 wall segments (6 corners altogether). I can purchase and provide the materials ready to go.

Does this sound possible? I can send photos if necessary. At some point I’d like an estimate of the number of hours but I think you need to see it first.

compensation: going rate per hour or per job